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Krendls LTD  

Strasse: Karla Libknehta Straße, 55
PLZ: 49069
Ort: Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Bundesland: Berlin
Land: Deutschland
Telefon: +38 (056) 371 43 76
Telefax: +38 (056) 371 43 76
E-Mail: E-Mail an die Firma
WWW: Zur Internetseite von Krendls LTD


Mitarbeiteranzahl: 51-500
Gründungsjahr: 2006
Zertifizierungen: ISO 9001:2000, • Microsoft Certified Partner, • IBM World Partner (adhering closely to IBM RUP (Rational Unified Process))


Software Development Company “Krendls Ltd”, located in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, is seeking beneficial partnerships with web design companies, application service providers, and software companies.

Krendls Ltd is striving to cultivate business relationships with companies looking to outsource web and application development to Eastern Europe with the objective of obtaining a high quality product at a significantly lower cost.

Krendls Ltd possesses a high degree of expertise in software development and project management. The company has more than 50 employees on staff; all of whom are highly skilled, educated, and motivated. We are seeking long term partners.

Our qualifications:
• ISO 9001/2000 Certification
• Microsoft Certified Partner
• IBM World Partner (adhering closely to IBM RUP (Rational Unified Process))

We are currently undergoing CMMI appraisal and operate strictly according to CMMI-4 process guidelines.

Our technical capabilities:
• Object-oriented languages (C++, C#, PHP, JAVA)
• Common design patterns for applications (MVC, Facade, Mediator)
• Unified Markup Language (UML)
• Open-source solutions (eCommerce, CRM, CMS)

Krendls Ltd is fixated on expanding into global markets by providing clients cutting-edge services, seamless project management, and clear, open communication.


Web-Design > Website
Web-Design > templates
Web-Design > Interface-Design
Web-Consulting > Usability-Tests


Michael Cannon
President of CannonBose, LLC

We have worked with Krendls Ltd on more than a half-dozen software projects during 6 months. They've ranged from simple TYPO3 websites implementations to large scale publication applications …

Søren Andersen
Owner of Zpeed Webdesign

A team was setup to perform the task. A lot of effort went I into knowing exactly what I wanted, and daily reports let me know how the project was progressing…

Akhsar Kharebov
President of VCEL, Inc

Krendls Ltd management was able to provide my company with a number of professionals of various backgrounds: PHP, J2ME and WinMobile/C#, in a short time…

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